Arrival / Parking

Hattingen - a lovely city to hiking linger shopping

Don't get stuck in traffic - travel by public transport! Hattingen is easy to reach by bus and train from the surrounding towns.

Tour buses
Larger groups of coach travellers can get off at the coach park Martin-Luther-Str.. Bus drivers will be allocated parking spaces nearby for the duration of their stay under the Tourist Information telephone number (Tel. 0049 23 24 / 204 3095).

... in the Christmas season:

The Christmas market is only a few minutes' walk from Hattingen Mitte S-Bahn station or the central bus station.

You will find information on parking facilities on hattingen.de Please note that parking in Hattingen is subject to charges, also on Advent Sundays. Additional parking facilities are available on Advent weekends.

You can also download this park sketch as PDF download.

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