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Hattingen - a nice city to to hike to linger to shop

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Hattingen is nice place - and we want to show this to everyone. Committed, creative and collaborative - that's us. With passion, we regularly organise small and large nice activities within the city and invite you to be part of this.

But why nice? Isn't nice boring?

We believe that the small image damage caused by the word nett in den letzten Jahren erlitten hat, im Grunde nur unseren Hang zu einem höher, schneller, weiter enttarnt. Offenbar reicht es uns nicht mehr, freundlich, liebenswert und charmant zu sein. Wir wollen mehr – mehr Wow, mehr Show, mehr große Geste. Dabei sind es genau die kleinen sozialen Eigenschaften des Wörtchens nett, die Menschen zusammenbringen und gemeinsame Ideen wachsen lassen. Wir finden daher, nett sollte dringend wieder salonfähig werden.

This is exactly why we confidently profess to be nice. With our collective activities, we show that nett is still modern and desirable. Come and visit and see our nice Saturdays or our avenue of walking trees for yourselves.

Let's be creative.
Let's be active together.
Let's be relaxed and not hectic.
Let's make it nice!

Nice Saturdays

On nice Saturdays, things get really nice in Hattingen! Traders and restaurateurs regularly come up with little surprises and treats for customers and guests. These can be small gifts, but also joining in creative activities. You can find out who is taking part by looking at our "nett hier" (nice here) shop window stickers, which you should look out for when walking through the town. It's well worth it!

Travelling tree avenue

In late summer, our Wanderbaumallee with twelve mobile trees toured through Hattingen and offered citizens and visitors a cosy place to meet and linger. Built by Ideenschmiede-Hattingen e.V. and financed by local businesses, the twelve trees were a seat and handcart in one and could be moved with little muscle power. In this way, the trees could be moved quickly and easily to wherever you wanted to be.

In the meantime, the trees have been planted and have thus found a permanent location.

*The German word “nett” means nice, kind, enjoyable. This German word has received some bad press over the last few years in the sense that being “nett”, i.e. friendly, charming and endearing is not enough. The word “nett” for some people is even associated with boring. It’s almost as if we want more, more wow, more show, more grandeur and greatness. But why? - when it is precisely the idea of being nice that brings people together and allows shared ideas to grow. It is the small, caring, nice gestures that display appreciation and warmth. We at Hattingen Marketing therefore sincerely believe that nice should become socially acceptable again. For this very reason, we are confidently committed to being just simply NICE. In line with the motto cool is kind, we show that being nice is still modern and desirable. Join us in our activities and allow us to convince you of our “Nice” Saturdays or our walking tree avenue.

Nice Hattingen
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nettes Hattingen
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